Cropswap connects you DIRECTLY to farmers and local growers to buy or barter seasonal products and produce grown in your community.


The future of food is here

Change Earth Now

World Care

Helping the environment with organic non chemical practices that our users follow


We want access to 20,000 different produce species not just what big chain stores offer.

Healthy & Tasty

Healthier produce that taste better and is grown by your local passionate grower. 

Post your Products, Classes, Events, and more

Cropswap is the instacart for local produce! Our app makes it easy to purchase local products from farmers, growers, and other creators to support your local economy.

Recurring Revenue for Local Growers

Cropswap is the instacart for local produce! With our app, you can create subscription revenue opportunities and allow users to subscribe to your operation.

A Powerful Delivery System

Cropswap is the instacart for local produce! Our app allows connecting delivery drivers to your market place.

Connecting consumers and businesses

Cropswap is the instacart for local produce! Our app creates a true supply chain between consumers and local businesses.

Cropswap In the News

Guide to LA Restaurant

Big cuts of beef, boxes of produce, and even fresh seafood directly from restaurant purveyors.

CropSwap launches new app connecting farmers and consumers

During a time of the global pandemic, Los Angeles-based start-up CropSwap has introduced a sustainable way to connect consumers and local farmers.

The 7 Best Farm Produce Boxes

Cropswap is a farm-to-phone app connecting consumers with farmers in their community. All of the growers use organic, sustainable, and chemical-free farming practices

Why Cropswap

“Food grown right around the corner is better than wrong across the world.”


Backyard fruits and veggies

Seeds + Plants

Events and classes

Connecting with Community

We are a global marketplace for local produce

Cropswap is the first ever farm-to-phone app that connects consumers across the globe with farmers and backyard growers in their neighborhoods.

Our produce

Is grown exactly how nature intended it to be – picked when ripe, provides more nutrition and uses safer growing techniques

Fewer miles

Means more fresh. Food in the U.S. travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate, depleting our natural resources (especially fossil fuels) and contributing to pollution.

Supporting local

Farmers and growers keeps the money that you spend in your neighborhood.

Reduce waste

with environmentally conscious and reusable packaging. The EPA estimated that 14.5 million tons of plastic containers and packaging were generated in 2017, you can imagine how much it multiplies yearly

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What is a CropBox?

Locally sourced subscription boxes filled with garden goods including fresh produce, seedlings, seeds, and plants that can be purchased on a one-time or recurring basis on our app.

Additional Features

Subscribe to in person or online classes about local growing techniques, composting, foraging, fermentation, and cooking.