Neighborhood Heroes Program

Help us add your neighbors backyard bounty to CropSwap

What is it?

We’ve been getting a lot of calls, emails, DM’s and letters from our friends on CropSwap asking how they can help support our mission. We created this program to provide you with a few tools to reach out to your neighbors and encourage them to put their fruit trees on our app – for your community to enjoy!

How do I get involved?

Fill out the form below and we’ll mail you postcards for free, to drop in your neighbors mailbox next time you’re walking around your neighborhood.



  • To change the world!
  • Reduce food waste. Streets across the world are littered with abundant fruit that falls from the trees. We want you to help us change that!
  • Supply food to those in need. This extra fruit can make its way to foodbanks and community programs across the globe.
  • Supporting local is better for everyone.

Get Involved

To become a CropSwap Ambassador, and take part in our Farme Referral Program, tell us a little about yourself, where you are located and the names of some of your favorites farm and we’ll get back to you with a plan!