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Benefits of selling on CropSwap

Control your sales

We connect you directly to consumers who can subscribe to your operation

Scale your business

Allow extra customers to sign up for a waitlist, giving you ample time to grow your operation.


We give the tools to add drivers you trust to our platform and manage your own deliveries.


CropSwap handles payments

We collect payments from consumers and distribute the funds directly to your account.

Local trend and demand forecasting

Get access to future analytics to make the right growing decisions.

Reduce your crop surplus

If you have a surplus of plants, you can increase your sales by offering them on the app

Connect with our audience

CropSwap links you with hungry consumers in your area who care about supporting local, crave farm fresh produce, and want to connect with farms like yours!

Earn revenue from selling your produce, plants, seedlings and even teaching online classes to our audience.

Our farm-to-phone app gives you the tools to grow your business and strengthen your brand.