Farm-fresh produce with the touch of a button

We launched our CropBox feature to connect our community with local produce. CropBoxes are CSA-style boxes that are filled with delicious, hand-picked produce from local farms in your area. 

You can search and subscribe to CropBoxes using the CropSwap app and schedule for delivery or pick them up on a weekly or monthly basis from the farms in your area. We also created a ‘Try It’ feature that allows you to sign up for a box just once so you can find the CropBox that is perfect for you. 

Use the CropSwap app to find CropBoxes in your area. From there, each grower will offer their fulfillment methods 

Our mission is to connect people across the globe with fresh produce, uses safer growing techniques, and supports your local economy. It’s better for you, better for your farmers, and better for our planet. 

Step 1

Finding a Cropbox

There are 3 ways to find a Cropbox

In the homescreen (map), filter by “Cropbox” to see all producers that have Cropboxes available.

If you know that a Grower / Farmer has Cropboxes available, tap on the user profile (from the map or the search bar) and look for the Cropboxes there

Through the search bar, hit “Cropbox” to see all Cropboxes. They will appear on the first positions.

Step 2

Open the Cropbox you are interested in

Review all the details about the Cropbox and see if it fits on your expectations

You will see the photos, an indicator about how many Cropboxes are available in an interval given the Grower / Farmer operations (every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month).

Step 3

Place your order

There are 3 ways to find a Cropbox

Select how many Cropboxes you want. Consider that the Cropboxes may have a weekly, every other week, every 3 weeks or monthly operation. So, what you are selecting is the amount of Cropboxes in that interval.

Then, choose the way you want to get the Cropboxes (Pick-up or Delivery. It will depend on the alternatives the Grower / Farmer configured), and finally, choose your preferred day for pick-up or delivery so that CropSwap and the Grower can setup everything.