Covid-19 Response

We believe that now, more than ever, is the most vital time to bring CropSwap to consumers everywhere. CropSwap was originally created to connect local growers and help them share homegrown products with their community. While CropSwap is still that at its heart, we felt it was imperative to change with our environment.

As we all know, restaurants across the globe was abruptly impacted and as a result crops are being left to rot in fields due to a disruption in the demand-chain. CropSwap is here to change that by connecting farmers directly to consumers and give them the ability to update their inventory in realtime.

We just launched our Cropbox feature to connect you with local, farm fresh produce and plants. CropBoxes are delivered right to your door in a way that is better for you, better for your farmer next-door, and better for our planet.


A Safer Way to Shop

Contact-less payment

Avoid crowds at grocery stores

Supporting your local community

Utilize contact-less delivery