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Cropswap is Bringing a New Meaning to Local

About Cropswap

Cropswap is the instacart for local produce.

Our app makes it easy to purchase local products from farmers, growers, and other creators to support your local economy.

CropSwap was developed to cut down on food waste and deliver a smarter, more sustainable alternative to the food industry while supporting local economies. Functioning like Instacart for local produce, the app showcases seasonal inventory in real-time and simplifies the sales process by allowing buyers to communicate directly with nearby farmers and growers. Beyond offering a convenient platform to buy and sell fresh produce, CropSwap provides farmers and growers with multiple tools to help develop their businesses as well as the ability to host educational courses and events.

Change Earth Now

World Care

Helping the environment with organic non chemical practices that our users follow


We want access to 20,000 different produce species not just what big chain stores offer.

Healthy & Tasty

Healthier produce that taste better and is grown by your local passionate grower.