• Democratize
  • Regenerative
  • Sustainable
  • Organic
  • Taste
  • Hyper-local
  • Variety
  • Rare
  • Nutrition
  • Flavor
  • Our Future
  • Democratize

on CropSwap

Food grown, harvested, and delivered by actual local growers



Pick from 100s of local growers 

Discover rare and heirloom varieties.

Purchase one-time or subscribe weekly.


Delivered to you door

Track your order as it’s harvested until the moment your driver arrives.

Growers keep 100% of the delivery fee.


Pick-up in your neighborhood

No fees charged for pick-ups.

Convenient locations.

Money stays local and goes directly to your grower.


The Increasing Need For Regenerative Agriculture + 4 Ways To Support It

Download the Cropswap app to order farm boxes from sustainable growers in your area.

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Food For Our Future with Rob Reiner, Founder of Cropswap App

Enter Cropswap - the app designed to connect consumers directly to independent growers and farmers in their local community.

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With the new produce delivery app CropSwap, customers have the option to buy a box and donate a box from Sow a Heart.

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Farm-to-phone app CropSwap connects communities through food

CropSwap empowers shoppers to search fresh, local produce in their area and arrange a purchase and safe exchange of products. 

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Farm-to-Phone App CropSwap Launches Subscription Box Service

CropSwap, and now CropBox with it, join a growing number of companies trying to connect more consumers with local farmers, from bean marketplaces to online flour sellers

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The 7 Best Produce Delivery Services of 2020

CropSwap works to find growers who use organic, sustainable, and chemical-free farming practices.

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CropSwap’s CropBox Subscription Makes It Easy to Support Local

Farm-to-phone app CropSwap is introducing a new subscription service called CropBox that gives customers more freedom, convenience and flexibility when it comes to buying local.

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Eat fresh, eat local and support farmers

 CropSwap connects farmers and local growers with the public to buy seasonal products and produce grown locally in the community.

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Make a fresh farm-to-table primavera with the help of Sage Vegan and CropSwap

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CropSwap App Connects Local Farmers, Consumers

The company’s digital marketplace, which launched in June, allows users to order subscription boxes of produce from local farms.

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How Four LA Businesses Are Staying Relevant

CropSwap, makes fresh, local produce convenient and customizable through a disruptive app.

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8 Produce Boxes You Should Sign Up For Right Now Before They Fill Up

CropSwap is a new app that helps people order fresh produce from growers within their community.

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5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Successful App or Saas

We need to start supporting our local economies so that our own cities can flourish, and shopping local foods is a start. 

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The Instacart for Local Produce

CropSwap introduces a game-changing farm-to-phone app that connects consumers with the best farmers and growers

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Produce boxes from local farms

CropSwap offers CSA-style "CropBoxes" that get you fresh, affordable, and super local produce on a one-time or subscription basis. 

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Order produce straight to your door with the new CropSwap app

With the new farm-to-phone app CropSwap, you can conveniently order boxes of produce straight to your door!

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The 7 Best Farm Produce Boxes

CropSwap is a farm-to-phone app connecting consumers with farmers in their community. All of the growers use organic, sustainable, and chemical-free farming practices

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CropSwap launches new app connecting farmers and consumers

During a time of the global pandemic, Los Angeles-based start-up CropSwap has introduced a sustainable way to connect consumers and local farmers.

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Guide to LA Restaurant

Big cuts of beef, boxes of produce, and even fresh seafood directly from restaurant purveyors.

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